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Sushi Tei, Chifley Square, Sydney

By Greedy Financier

When I’m looking for good Japanese at a reasonable price, I never look further than Sushi Tei (at Chifley Square. Sushi Tei also recently opened a store on Liverpool Street, however, in my opinion, the original is always the best). This is without doubt, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Sydney. They are consistently reliable, and I know that I’m always going to get efficient service and delicious fresh food every time I dine with them. And quite frequently I find myself eating at this restaurant. One evening I was looking for a quick and tasty bite, and once again found myself at Sushi Tei.

There are usually a few key items that I tend to order when I dine at Sushi Tei, including their salmon or kingfish carpaccio, aburi salmon roll, soft shell crab maki and seaweed salad. But this time, I decided to try some other menu items.

Nama Hotate (Raw Scallops)

We started with some scallop sashimi. The scallops were fresh and were sliced to a perfect thickness. The flesh was beautiful and sweet, and just melted in my mouth.

Aburi Salmon Roll (Crab Meat, Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll topped with Aburi Salmon and Fish Roe)

As aforementioned, there are a few dishes that I always order, and the aburi salmon roll is one of them. It was actually one of the first things that I tried at this restaurant, and is what has kept me coming back for more. The centre of the roll consists of crab meat and soft shell crab. It is then topped with seared salmon and fish roe. I absolutely love soft shell crab, and when combined with the grilled salmon, the salty sweetness of the flying fish roe, and the sweet creaminess of the mayonnaise dressing – it makes one awesome sushi roll. I can never get enough of it.

Fresh Salmon and Tuna Roll

Sushi Tei also have seasonal specials, and on the menu that night was a fresh salmon and tuna sushi roll. With avocado, refreshing diced cucumber and spicy mayonnaise, it was also one scrumptious roll.

Hotate to Salmon no Kaminabe (Scallop and Salmon Paper Hot Pot)

I don’t usually order a ‘main’ dish at restaurants like Sushi Tei, instead preferring to order several small dishes to share and try. However, this time, we decided to sample a larger dish. As it was quite a cool evening, we went with a hot pot. The dish they brought out looked like a high school chemistry experiment with a filter paper lining a pot, soup and raw ingredients sitting in the paper, and a blue gel fueling a small fire burning beneath the pot. We eagerly watched on as the fire slowly heated up the soup and cooked the contents in the paper. The soup was a spicy miso base that had perfect seasoning and just the right amount of chilli. It’s obvious they give you below premium seafood, but since you aren’t eating it raw like sashimi, it doesn’t actually matter a great deal. In fact, once the salmon and scallops were cooked, it imparted a lovely seafood flavour to the soup. It was a nice warming meal on a cold evening.

The only area where Sushi Tei lets me down is in desserts. I have tried their desserts before, including the crème brulee and a black sesame ice cream enveloped in gelatinous rice flour, however, I don’t think sweets are their strong point. Nonetheless, once again, Sushi Tei did not disappoint. I know I’ll be returning sometime in the not too distant future.

Sushi Tei

Open daily 11.30am – 10.00pm

Ph: +61 2 9232 7288

1 Chifley Square

Corner of Elizabeth Street and Hunter Street


NSW 2000

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