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Copo Café & Diner, Drummoyne

By Greedy Financier

Lately, I’ve taken a liking to lazy weekend brunches at nice cafés. Thanks to other food blogs, the SMH and my foodie friends, I now have a seemingly never ending list of “good” cafés to try. One café at the top of my list was Copo Café & Diner. Copo was awarded “Best Breakfast” in the SMH Everyday Eats 2012, and in conjunction with the advice of some friends, I thought I’d go see if Copo did indeed serve up the best breakfast in Sydney.

Copo Entrance on Formosa Street

Located on busy Victoria Road, the café has an entrance (and conveniently, a free council car park) on quieter Formosa Street. We arrived at the café and were surprised to find there was plenty of seating – the café is pretty spacious, with seating across two levels. It was just after noon, past the usual café breakfast time, but on weekends, Copo does an all-day breakfast menu (I love all days breakfasts!). Looking at the menu, there are the traditional classic breakfast items, such as your bacon and egg roll, however, there is very much a South American vibe to the menu. I wasn’t in the mood for sweets (for the first time ever!), so decided to order baked eggs, and the bf went with the smoked trout. We also ordered some mushrooms and coffee.

Iced Mocha

Copo serve up Campos coffee, which I’ve heard, is meant to be good. I requested an iced mocha, and unlike other cafés I’ve been to, the waiter nicely asked if I wanted ice cream and cream with it. I decided to be healthy and skip the unnecessary additions. The coffee was very strong, but had a nice robust flavour.

Baked Eggs with Fried Potato, Chorizo, Chimichurri and Toast

The food that was placed on our table looked mouth-watering, and I couldn’t wait to dig in. My baked eggs were superb. The bright orange yolk was still runny when cut into, and added a richness and creaminess to the dish. The chorizo didn’t have an overpowering smokiness to it, the fried potato was scrumptious, and the Chimichurri was impeccably seasoned. It all just combined together to create a flavour explosion in my mouth.

Variety of Mushrooms Pan Fried in Butter and Herbs

The mushrooms are something that I still can’t stop thinking about. They were pan fried with potato, had delightful crispy bits, and were packed full of flavour. The Copo mushrooms are definitely up there with the mushrooms from Rockpool – and not surprisingly, the head chef at Copo was formerly at Rockpool Bar & Grill.

House Smoked Trout with Fried Egg, Potato Hash, Herbs and Toast

Not to be left behind, the trout was also amazing. The trout is house smoked, and there was a lovely subtle smokiness and saltiness about it. It was served with a fried egg that was again, cooked well, and some tasty smashed potato.

So did Copo live up to expectations? You bet it did. It was unquestionably one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. But it was it the best breakfast? I don’t think that call can be made until I’ve reached the end of my never ending list of cafés to try.

Copo Café & Diner

Monday to Friday 7.00am – 3.00pm

Saturday to Sunday 8.00am – 3.00pm

Ph: +61 2 9719 9057

M3 135 Victoria Road (car park on Formosa Street)


NSW 2047

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