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Ken’s Sushi Bar Dining, Bexley North

By Greedy Financier

Japanese is one of my favourite cuisines, and until recently, every time I wanted Japanese, I had to hike into the city. Good Japanese out in the suburbs is hard to come by. However, over the past few years, small Japanese restaurants have been popping up in the suburbs (e.g. Manmaruya and Ashin in Campsie), and they serve up some great food. A relative newcomer to the suburban Japanese restaurant scene is Ken’s Sushi Bar Dining. I had been meaning to go try Ken’s for a while, and finally, one evening when I was after some Japanese, the bf and I decided to go local.

It was a Sunday evening, and we hadn’t made a booking. However, since we rocked up early (5.30pm), the restaurant was empty and we were able to secure what seemed like the only non-reserved table (all the other tables had “Reserved” signs placed on them). The restaurant is quite small and probably has a seating capacity of 30, so if dining in, reservations are definitely recommended (Ken’s also do takeaway).

Limited Seating Inside Ken’s Sushi Bar Dining

The menu has a good selection of Japanese items on offer (but they don’t have ramen!), all at reasonable prices. We started the meal with agedashi tofu. I like a good agedashi tofu – the type where there is a crunchy outside, a silky smooth inside and a flavoursome sauce – and Ken’s tofu was exactly that!

Agedashi Tofu

The chicken middle wing karaage was an item that caught my eye. The middle wing is literally the middle part of the chicken wing (in between the mini drumstick and the flappy pointy tip part), and is my favourite part of the chicken. The wings were deep fried to perfection, and were accompanied with a tangy tomato sauce and Japanese mayonnaise – a combination that went surprisingly well together.

Chicken Middle Wing Karaage

The sashimi was a refreshing break from the deep fried entrées. We ordered a combination of sashimi – tuna, salmon and I think, snapper (I wasn’t too sure what type of fish it was). Characteristic of fresh sashimi – it all just melted in my mouth.

Sashimi Combination

Every time I dine at Japanese restaurants, I always order a soft shell crab roll. While I think Sushi Tei does the best soft shell crab roll in Sydney, Ken’s was also pretty good. The centre of the roll had a generous serving of soft shell crab, cucumber and avocado, and sprinkled on top was bright green fish roe. A word of caution though, the roll is MAMMOTH!

Spider Roll

We left the restaurant extremely full and extremely satisfied. Ken’s offers fantastic Japanese at a reasonable price in the suburbs. And now, I don’t have to hike all the way into the city to get delicious Japanese food!

Ken’s Sushi Bar Dining

Lunch: Monday to Saturday 11.00am – 2.00pm

Dinner: Monday to Sunday 5.00pm – 9.00pm

Ph: +61 2 9150 6588

3A Shaw Street

Bexley North

NSW 2207

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