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Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

By Greedy Financier

Kitchen by Mike is a relatively new café to hit the scene. I’d been hearing and reading rave reviews about the place, so I had bumped it up on my never ending list of cafés to try. When a friend suggested we catch up, I proposed brunch at either The Grounds of Alexandria or Kitchen by Mike. We thought we’d try our luck at the newer Grounds of Alexandria, only to be hit smack bang in the face with an expected wait time of 1 hour. Since our stomachs were rumbling, and Kitchen by Mike was just down the road (a 15 minute walk!), we decided to walk over to Rosebery to try our luck there.

Kitchen by Mike Indoor Eating Area

Upon entering through a rather discreet side door, we found ourselves standing in a giant warehouse with one side dedicated to furniture and other bits and bobs, and another side buzzing with the sounds and aromas of a busy café. We saw there was plenty of communal seating, as well as an outdoor area, so we made a quick decision to stay and jump on the end of the queue. We were the last people to be accepted into the breakfast time slot (which ends at 11.30am).

Waiting in the Queue at Kitchen by Mike

I had read that Kitchen by Mike operates canteen style – you line up, point at the food you want, the chef behind the glass counter scoops the food onto a plate, and at the end of the line you pay for your food and receive your plate. However, at breakfast time, it seems to operate slightly differently.

The Kitchen and Breakfast Menu (up on the vent)

Written in whiteboard marker, up on the vent inside the kitchen area, is Kitchen by Mike’s breakfast offerings for that day (the menu changes daily, depending on what Mike can source from the markets each morning). You simply place your order at the cashier and the lovely wait staff then bring it out to your table.

Jam and Butter Behind the Glass Counter

We chose an outdoor seat and eagerly awaited our breakfast.

Kitchen by Mike Outdoor Eating Area

I loved the feel of the café! Everything about it was so industrial and rustic – the pot plant cutlery, the plates the food was served on, the entire warehouse itself – it was an amazing space!

Pot Plant Cutlery and Sugar Jar

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, we sipped on our drinks. I ordered a berry smoothie, and it came in this cute glass bottle with a red and white striped straw. Unfortunately, the smoothie didn’t taste as good as it looked, and in fact was very sour (nature was to blame for this though!).

Berry Smoothie

My pancakes were delivered to our table a short while later. The lemon curd sitting on top of the pancakes was to die for – it was an impeccable balance of tanginess and sweetness, and the perfect accompaniment to the fluffy sourdough pancakes.

Sourdough Pancakes with Lemon Curd

My friend ordered baked beans. I only had a taste of the beans, but they had a lovely deep tomato flavour and were seasoned well.

Baked Beans with Bacon and Poached Egg

We capped off a fantastic breakfast with some good looking sweet delights. We saw the cakes while we were standing in line, and ordered them not knowing that they were actually part of the lunch menu. The chef behind the glass counter said he didn’t want to sell them before lunch (he was afraid that there would be nothing left for lunch), but he was nice enough to let us two girls have the cakes anyway.

Rosewater Pistachio Meringue Behind the Glass Counter

The first was a chocolate brownie. The brownie had a moist cake like texture and was extremely chocolate-y. The acidity of the strawberry jam sitting on top helped to cut through the richness of the brownie, and the yoghurt lent an extra helping hand in the moistness department, while also imparting a lovely creamy flavour to the brownie.

Brownie with Strawberry Jam and Yoghurt

I didn’t catch the sign of the second cake, so wasn’t entirely sure what it was. It tasted like a pear and walnut cake, layered with sweet mascarpone and topped with fresh kiwi fruit. It was wonderfully moist, and equally as yummy as the brownie.

Cake with Kiwi Fruit and Mascarpone

After experiencing Kitchen by Mike first hand, I now know why everyone is raving about the place. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is cool, and the space is raw yet inviting – definitely a café worth visiting.

Kitchen by Mike

Monday to Saturday 7.00am – 4.00pm

Sunday 8.00am – 4.00pm

Ph: +61 2 9045 0910

85 Dunning Ave


NSW 2018

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