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Tomodachi Restaurant, Broadway Sydney

By Greedy Financier

Whenever I go to Broadway to watch a movie, I almost always grab a quick dinner at Tomodachi restaurant beforehand. Tomodachi is a Japanese and Korean restaurant sitting inside the Food Court in Broadway shopping centre, with a sushi train component.

Inside Tomodachi Restaurant

It seems Tomodachi has recently undergone a management reshuffle, as some of the items on their menu have changed, as has the way some dishes are cooked. Nevertheless, I was still pleased with the food. As I’ve mentioned before, I always order a soft shell crab roll when I dine at Japanese restaurants. Tomodachi’s spider roll is one of my favourites – as the sushi roll itself is also tempura battered. It’s like a twice cooked sushi roll and it has an awesome crunch. Although the roll is slightly different from what they used to serve up (not as much tempura now), it was still one tasty roll, and the mustard sauce drizzled over it added a surprising pleasant tang.

Spider Roll

I love scallops, and I love melted cheese. So when I saw grilled cheese scallops on the menu, I got excited. I expected the scallops to be overcooked when the dish arrived, but the scallop sitting under the melted cheese was juicy and plump. Also sitting under the cheese was a bed of rice, which actually helped to tone down the cheesiness.

Grilled Cheese Scallops

I decided to deviate from my usual order of chicken teriyaki and try one of Tomodachi’s house specialties – pork sliders. The dish arrived and it was huge – two pork sliders accompanied with a side of cherry tomato salad. The burger bun was fluffy and soft, the pork had a subtle kimchi flavour, a slice of cheese added a depth of richness, and the refreshing cucumber cut through the heaviness of the meat and cheese. It was like eating a cheeseburger, but Korean style – it was delicious!

Pork Sliders

The bf ordered a chilli beef hot plate. The dish was delivered sizzling hot and had a mountain of beef piled on top – Tomodachi certainly don’t skimp on portion sizes! The dish was well cooked, and the chilli enhanced the flavour of the dish without overpowering it with spiciness.

Chilli Beef Hot Plate

Despite some changes at Tomodachi, it still serves up some good Japanese and Korean. The service is as speedy as ever and the prices pretty reasonable. Tomodachi is the perfect place to grab a quick pre-movie meal, and my restaurant of choice when in Broadway.

Tomodachi Restaurant

Ph: +61 2 9281 6000

Level 2 Food Court, Broadway Shopping Centre

1 Bay Street

Broadway, Sydney

NSW 2007

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