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The Morrison, Sydney

By Net Geek

I’ve been hankering to get my oyster on at this new joint as I was following it on Facebook during its construction. The style and ambience of this place is legendary. Retro niceties are engrained in everything from the uniforms, background music, furnishings, branding to the typographic styling on the menu. Michael Jackson’s Bad was blasting (ok… maybe not blasting) and I was swooning over the interior from the moment I stepped in.

Stylin’ new fit out for The Morrison

Friendly and awesomely dressed waiters!

The theme of this place is brilliant! Oyster menu with tips and anecdotes to boot!

Newspapers styles! (the menu)

Interesting little tidbits for newbies like myself. How inviting!

As a relative newcomer to the land of oysters (a.k.a a mad newbie), I was really comforted by the waitress’ down-to-earth willingness to give us a quick run down on these delicious shellfish. Requesting an assortment which would give us a taste of everything, she happily jetted off with an order containing Pacific, Rock and Angassi oysters and a glass of white to compliment (Three Amigos Chardonnay, WA). The details of the specific oyster sources were lost on me, although my lack of experience with oysters would not served any informative justice regardless. What follows is merely what I tasted in each “type” of oyster.

The oysters have landed!

The assortment of oysters came swiftly and sat perched on a raised plate with a lovely vinegar and garlic dressing. With two of each oyster per person, we ate the first one dressing-free in an effort to taste the pure flavours the waitress described.

First off the bat were the Pacific oysters. Fresh and salty; like eating a piece of the ocean.

Second up, the Rock oysters were creamy and sweet. The flavour was full and lasted long on our palettes. Delish!

The Angassi was as flavoursome as the Rock oysters minus the sweet edge. They definitely packed the biggest punch; although I think the Rock oysters were definitely my favourite.

All done! 

We weren’t actually that hungry as we had foolishly eaten Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice-cream prior to our visit (pretty dumb…) so we decided on a few smaller dishes to see what The Morrison had up its sleeve aside from oysters. First up were some sashimi style scampi, followed by a brioche served with duck liver parfait and Perdo Ximenez jelly, chips thrice cooked in duck fat, topped off with “Grandma’s carrots”.

I’ve always thought scampi are the most friendly looking sea creature…

The scampi were split down the centre, prepared in a dressing along with olive oil, chilli slices and lime to squeeze on if you so fancied. The dressing was perfectly light and didn’t detract at all from the fresh milky and sweet flavour of the sashimi style critters. That being said, I do have a soft spot for fresh scampi; so take my raving review with a grain of salt. As a counterpoint for reference, my dining buddy did describe the dressing as a tad bland.

Duck fat… is there anything it can’t do?

After nomming on some of the chips I made a flippant life decision: I will thrice cook all my food in duck fat and eat it with a side of Aoili. Crispy rich goodness. Need I say more?

Served in a cool little jar! Win!

The brioche was fresh out of the toaster; a light crunch on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Its sweet flavour along with the jelly contrasted well with the savoury duck liver parfait as expected. Funnily enough, this was the momentous time in my life where I bothered to Google the difference between a parfait and a pate before questioning the validity of the menu. A near rookie error! Also, I was tres impressed by the presentation of this little guy.

Some veges for healthy goodness… or something

The carrots were lovely and soft. Nothing too fancy-pants here and very yummy nonetheless. However, I did like the idea of eating a vegetable to try balance out the health risks of duck fat consumption; even if they were covered in a film of delicious olive oil.

Cocktail Time! I think I just like their menu designs in general

To cap it all off I ordered their signature cocktail, “The Morrison”. Freshly squeezed Granny Smith apples with some vodka to give it a nice kick. I can say I will definitely be back here many a time after work to try their cocktail selection.

Freshly squeezed Granny Smith goodness with Vodka

The meal was coming to an end and a quick visit to the gents was in order. I do like ensuring a visit to the restroom just as an excuse to check out the layout of the joint. I wasn’t disappointed as I nosily poked around; the downstairs bar towards the back heavily themed in the same New York style. Even as I ascended the stairs to the toilet, I was delighted by the wallpaper job consisting of a pseudo (I think?) The Morrison newspaper plastering. Very oldschool coolbananas!

To wrap up, I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone down for a stylin’ night out with friends, and even more so to anyone who actually has half a clue about oysters and wine (unfortunately I am not yet part of this Venn diagram). Great service, a stylish vibe, rockin’ oysters and smashin’ drinks! I will be back here with friends soon fo’ shizzle!

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

Monday to Saturday 11.30am - Late

Sunday Closed

Ph: +61 2 9247 6744

225 George St


NSW 2000

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