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Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

By Greedy Financier

Continuing on the theme of cafés in Surry Hills, I decided to go try Reuben Hills out. I had heard much about this “Mexican with a twist” café, and couldn’t wait to try their black sesame shake and dulce de leche.

Reuben Hills

Arriving just after noon on a Sunday, we were surprised to find there was next to no line, and were almost immediately seated.

Recycled Milk Bottles used as Water Bottles

Service was efficient, and within a few minutes of ordering, our drinks came out. The bf went with his usual cappuccino, and I, of course, ordered the black sesame shake.


Apparently Reuben Hills serve up a mean coffee, and the bf commented the coffee was good. I’ve also been told that I must sample their iced latte – which I definitely will be trying next time round!

Black Sesame Shake

The shake was delicious – perfectly frothy on top with a great black sesame punch. Reuben Hills also offer several other shake flavours – of which the salted caramel looked particularly enticing and I’ll have to come back to try!

King Salmon Ceviche, Blood Orange, Roast Corn, Fennel, Radish and Jalepenos

The bf ordered the salmon ceviche – a brilliantly colourful dish that tasted as good as it looked. The dish was fresh and simple, but was packed full of flavour.

The NOT Reuben-Wagyu Salt Brisket, Pickled Slaw, Melted Manchego and Horseradish Cream

I ordered a more heavy dish to start my day – the wagyu salt brisket sandwich. Sitting in between two pieces of toasted rye sourdough was an extremely tender piece of wagyu, tangy carrots and pickles, cheese and lashings of horseradish cream. It was combination that worked really well together and tasted scrumptious.

Cross-section of the NOT Reuben-Wagyu Salt Brisket Sandwich

Of course, at the end of the meal, I had to order dessert. We went with the Doggs Breakfast – an ice cream sandwich. The sandwich reminded me of eating the biscuit side of a Maxibon with the soft chocolate biscuit and creamy vanilla ice cream. The star of the dish though had to be the salted caramel – it was awesomely divine! Velvety, sweet, rich and with a hint of saltiness – I could eat bucket loads of the stuff on its own!

Doggs Breakfast – Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel

Having finally tried Reuben Hills for myself, I now understand why everyone is talking about the place. The food, although not the most generous of portions, was fantastic and packed full of flavour. The drinks were equally as good and the service very efficient. I definitely will be back to try their other menu items and the salted caramel shake and iced latte!

Reuben Hills

Monday to Saturday 7.00am – 4.00pm

Sunday 8.00am – 4.00pm

61 Albion Street

Surry Hills

NSW 2010

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