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Libiamo, Pyrmont

By Net Geek

This week some friends and I decided on a local Pyrmont restaurant for a catchup. We had heard some good things on the grapevine about their pizza from the other locals; and who doesn’t like finding a good place to eat close to home?  The restaurant itself was a textbook little family run business: sensibly furnished and nothing too flash. Just a pleasant decorum and extremely friendly service. We decided to grab 3 different pizzas and a pasta dish just for good measure.


Carby goodness

The Gnocchi alla Sorrentina came out first and was the best gnocchi I’ve had in a long time. The beautifully chewy hand-made chunks (and not too powdery) were swimming in a thick tomato sauce. I found the sauce rather sweet and it went down wonderfully with the Montefiore bocconcini pieces and basil.


Pizza one: Greca!

The first pizza to come out was the Greca: eggplant, roast capsicum, zucchini, olives, onion, tomato and mozzarella. The first bite into the base was crisp and fresh. The bread was brilliant and I instantly understood why our friend had been raving about their pizzas. The tomato sauce was once again thick and flavoursome while all of the ingredients were clearly gourmet and fresh. I did find the olives and fetta were powerfully salty, but overall was a huge fan (then again I will give rave reviews to anything with eggplant on it).


Pizza two: Montanara!

Some prosciutto madness was up next with the Montanara pizza. The thinly sliced prosciutto was packed onto the same delicious tomato sauce. One slightly annoying thing during our meal was how the pizzas were not sliced the whole way through, which made taking a slice surprisingly painstaking. A small point but something I noticed nonetheless.


Pizza three: 4 Formaggi!

The next pizza instalment came with four cheeses and a stack of rocket for garnish. I myself am not much of a cheese connoisseur, but I will say that this pizza brought some full flavoured cheesy goodness. It was lucky we have a few different pizzas out by this stage, as eating a couple of slices consecutively was a bit too cheesy for my liking.


Something sweet to cap it off

For desert we shared a tiramisu between the three of us. The super friendly waitress insisted we also try another between us, however we were so stuffed from our three pizzas and gnocchi. She once again boasted that their deserts were all home made and that the tiramisu was the “best in Sydney”. Pretty huge claim! The desert came out garnished in a rather novel way; a silhouette of a spoon stood out from the chocolate powder dusted over the dish. The fingers were delightfully soft and cakey in the middle, surrounded by a sweet cream.

By the end of our meal we were stuffed! We ended up having one pizza’s worth of slices left over, and the waitresses were more than happy to help us out with a take away box. We also discovered they do home deliveries; a useful tidbit of info for other Pyrmont-siders. The Greedy Financier and I will definitely be consuming more of this little family restaurant’s noms; and it might even become our default for close-by Italian!


Tuesday to Sunday 5.00pm – 10.30pm

Also open for lunch Thursday to Friday 12.00pm - 2.30pm

Ph: +61 2 9552 1509

2-14 Bunn Street


NSW 2009

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